Business - Religion - November 25, 2020


A Nigerian man who lives in the United Kingdom, London, has taken to the social media to express his disappointment in the Nigerians mentality of building too much churches and not wanting to be industrious in any form of market they find themselves. He said in the video that these set of Nigerians only want miracles and never want to be productive in their ways of thinking.

The man who identified himself only as Dr. Chidu Agunoabo Ajuoro who works for Hungry and Angry and Humanity a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) made and posted a video on the social media where he was bitterly expressing on how some Nigerians in London have taken to one of the most industrial streets of London known as Queens Drive, where there are various businesses and industries such as schools, vehicles’ spare part production and assembly, upholstery warehouses and etc to build churches.

The man in the video that lasted less than a minute grieves about how these Nigerians have taken to this industrial street to establish churches and constituting environmental disturbance by abandoning vehicles on the street by one of the two churches he showed in the video to have been established by the Nigerians.

The church with the name Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries International inscribed boldly on the side of the church had more than five church owned vehicles parked on the street. This church owns one of the biggest facilities on this street.

Another church which is also owned by a Nigerian with a banner of about 15 feet long with the name City of Faith Ministries: Come and Join the Faith Family inscribed on it and hanging above the entrance to the church which is just about three meters away from the other was also situated on this industrial estate.

The man claimed that these are the only two businesses owned by Nigerians in this industrial estate and further explained that this is one of the reasons why Nigeria have not developed and why it is not going to develop. He expressed in resentment that in an industrial community where there are businesses owned by various people from all walks of life the only businesses these Nigerians could think of establishing were churches.

He expressed further that where other are thinking to be productive and creating job opportunities these Nigerians only think of how to take and believe in miracles because both churches and mosques do not add to human productivity but take.

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