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Halima Aden quits multi-million dollars fashion industry because of Hijab

The muslim super model
Halima Aden

Halima Aden has in a series of Instagram posts announced that she would be quitting fashion industry. The beautiful Muslim super-model on Instagram where she stated that she was quitting the fashion industry because it was forcing her against her Islamic belief of using the hijab at all times and under any condition. She expressed this in the posts on her page on Instagram where she addressed the issue and how it has affected her for a long time.

She stated that being a role model to many Muslim women in the world and an ambassador of her religion she expected herself to fully represent these two stands well but the industry is forcing her to not be her full self by ignoring wearing her hijab at all times. She said because of this she would be quitting the fashion industry so she can fully focus on being her better self and representing the identity fully.

“I can only blame myself for caring more about opportunity than what was actually at stake,” wrote Halima Aden, one of the first models to wear a hijab while representing mega fashion labels. She is taking the blame on herself and making sure that her followers know that she would be taking the responsibilities of the actions she had taken. “I have finally realized where I went wrong in my personal hijab journey,” she added.

The super fashionista who was born in Kenya and moved to the United States at the age of seven said she began to realize the essence and importance of wearing her hijab at all times during the lock-down of the Corona-Virus pandemic.

Aden first made headlines in 2016, when she was the first woman to wear a hijab – a headscarf worn by many Muslim women who feel it is part of their religion – in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. She has also appeared in many other international fashion magazines including on the cover of British Vogue and on runways at New York Fashion Week.

Her Muslims friends and followers and the Muslim community at large have congratulated her on her courage to stand up to what she believe is right for her and the Muslim communities.

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