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Foreign - Opinion Article - Religion - World - November 26, 2020

Donald Trump : The modern day Messiah of some Nigerian Christians.


About some weeks ago some Nigerian Christians took to the street to rally for the re-election of the president of the United States of America, president Donald Trump. The walk for Trump which happened in the midst of the wake of the EndSARS protests that were going on in various states in the country was held in Onitsha a city in Nigeria’s southern Anambra state.

Dressed in white and blue attires which is  same shades as the Israeli flag, these supporters thronged the streets of the city, waving American flags and holding very boldly written placards that read: “Make America great again” and “President Trump: America needs a man like you”.

The congregation which consist of mainly Igbo and Christians converged on the streets of the city, proclaiming their allegiance to President Donald Trump and asking the residents to join them in their rally for support for the president. This rally was born out of the belief that President Donald Trump is the man who would fight the antichrist and devil that want to infiltrate and overpower the world Christian community.

These Nigerians Christians believe that President Donald Trump is the new savior of the Christian community in the world from Satan and his compatriots. They strongly believe in the power and policies of Donald Trump even though his personal spiritual adviser had to call on the angels from Africa to come help in the fight for the re-election of the President of the United States of America.

Though this rally had brought about political misinterpretations and religious critics it is also believed that majority of these Donald Trump’s cheerleaders are doing so because they want the president to send all Nigerians living in the United States home. Some of them though believed they have lineage linked to Israel and some of them believed Donald Trump the re-election of Donald Trump is going to bring about the realization of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Osita Obeta 30, a pro-Trump electrician in Asaba, an hour from Onitsha is a living example of one of those who strongly believed in the travel ban and possible deportation of immigrants policies when he said the following, “I like him because he forces people to stay in their country and build it instead of running to America for green pasture, you cannot go to another person’s country and take all they have.”

They also believe that Donald Trump’s stand against passing the bill for the support of pregnancy abortion and gay freedom is another way he is fighting the Satanic forces. They believe that Donald Trump is like a fortress to the Christian community in and outside Africa.

The hearts of these Nigerian Christians were also won by the undeniable show of Islamophobia by President Donald Trump especially when he decided to ask the Nigerian President, President Muhammodu Buhari about the killing of Christians in Nigeria and his outright refusal to partake in anything that has to do with Islam.

The truth is that the American president, President Donald Trump have in many occasions showed that he care less about the continent Africa most especially Nigeria when he referred Nigeria as a “SHITHOLE”. In many other ways including some of this visa policies, the president have shown to care a far less about the continent and Nigerians so one would now wonder where these people derived this religious-like admiration of the president of America.

After the United States presidential elections was over and it was projected that the president Donald Trump had lost the election to the incoming president, Joe Biden some of these Nigerians held vigils in their churches in other to keep Donald Trump in office for another term.

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